If the crowd is not bitter Kyoto is recommended.

I like unrivaled travel.

I like unrivaled travel. Moreover, I like domestic travel. I am also interested in overseas trips, but is it because the child got bigger? I think. On domestic travel we went to Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Okinawa etc. Especially my favorite is Okinawa. Because I myself live in Hokkaido, the tension rises just by saying that it is at the southern tip of Japan, but the difference in climate is intense and it is fun again. I can only travel in the work pattern, winter period, but in Hokkaido it is shiny and snowing, but in Okinawa it's like I've gone over 20 degrees already overseas. The food is completely different, and the personality of the person who lives both in dialects and clothes is also different. It is a favorite area. Especially easy going out is one of advantages. In the area where I live it is 3 hours to go to the destination to go out but in Okinawa main island it will be able to go from the end to the end with a high speed if it is 3 hours. Even if you go through the general road you can enjoy it every 30 minutes or every hour with beautiful sea, big bridge, there is a Ferris wheel, there is aquarium, and so on. Even lovers can enjoy it, but it is still fun if you bring your family.

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