If the crowd is not bitter Kyoto is recommended.

A domestic trip that you can pass anytime, anywhere you need, with no pass...

A domestic trip that you can pass anytime, anywhere you need, with no passport and time and money. I think whether you have experienced going out various places so far. I have not travel so much as traveling so far because it costs money but I came to go out often a few years ago as to whether this reaction has come. I will not make a schedule, act as I think, so I may leave the next day when it is terrible. It is fun to see and hear various sceneries, atmosphere, culture, food and drinks, little dialects people pass by, different things. I have never traveled so much yet, but speaking of the recommended domestic travel destination ... I would like to mention Kyoto as one candidate site. Because it is a major sightseeing spot in the country, there may be many people who have entered many times and likes Kyoto. Although it is my selfish image, there is somewhat calm atmosphere. Since the flow of history and culture in Japan is in Kyoto, it is good to see scenic spots such as famous temples and shrines. Also surprisingly fun is the city area and residential area. Even if walking normally, it is fun to find signs of unfamiliar addresses such as ""go up and down"". Besides being talking to the shop people, it is spoken by the Kyoto dialect, so it's fun to listen to it. Kyoto dialects talked by women feel like cute and likes. There is also a taste of striking Kyoto cuisine while feeling such an elegant atmosphere. I have not been to Kyoto for a while now, but I feel like going back somewhere. Why do not you try visiting Kyoto too? I also think that I would like to go on a trip to various places in the future as well as Kyoto.

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