If the crowd is not bitter Kyoto is recommended.

I got married to my husband who likes to travel and went there and there.

I got married to my husband who likes to travel and went there and there. The most favorite destination in the country is Okinawa! Okinawa seems to be clearly disliked and disliked depending on the taste of food and the place where going on tour etc. Okinawa is not good ... people who lost their lives! I'd like to say that I'd like to say. First ""close""! If you are in Hawaii, Guam or Saipan you just have to fly a few hours before your departure examination and customs etc, so it's a hard time to go. On that point, Okinawa is a southern country resort in less than two hours from Haneda. And ""Japanese""! Airplane delay, trouble at hotel, shop reservation ... Although there are many places where you can use Japanese in Hawaii, there are a lot of frustrations in English though. But! Okinawa is Japanese anywhere. Of course basically Japanese culture, so it is safe to go anywhere. It is good to say that there is no time difference. If it is Hawaii it will take some time for the body to become accustomed to the opposite day and night, but in Okinawa you can play at the same time you arrive. I heard that Okinawa food is honest and not much ... but sophisticated French is also rich in resort hotel B grade gourmets. The best recommendation is ""dining hall"" chanpuru and fried vegetables, miso soup, tofu are all delicious. Zenzai is also excellent. Gentle sweetness of beans and fluffy ice, rice cake dumplings. I do not see that poisonous color frappe in other areas. Picking up lunch at the northern part of Okinawa, picking the shellfish at the coast, swimming across the Koryi Bridge and swimming at a beautiful sand ... it is nice ...

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